Are you trapped?

Do you feel as though you can’t change your life or achieve happiness because … Is your trap: Your career? A marriage/relationship? Money? Are you really honestly trapped or have you trapped yourself because it’s more comfortable than going through the fear of escape? Dare I say “You aren’t really […]

How to get out of your own way

What is the biggest risk to your success? You. Bad news? No, it’s good. Why? It’s good news because you can eradicate this risk. How? 1. Get to know yourself – the truth, the facts, not from an opinionated perspective or an emotional perspective. 2. Manage your expectations of yourself. […]

Support network: the key to building yours

The difficulty with building an effective support network? It is an easy choice to make in life: Need people … OR …Don’t need people If you don’t need anyone, then this article is not for you. I don’t mean people to carry you, or to dictate your life to you. […]

Why do glass ceilings still exist?

Why does the glass ceiling still exist? And why does it only ever seem to relate to women. Who built the glass ceiling in the first place. And why is the solution “How does a woman break through it?”? Surely the solution is to remove or alter the mindset that […]