Men – I need your help please.

Hi Guys,

Hope you are happy to give me 5 minutes as I need to pick your brains.

I have been running “How to stop killing your self-esteem and build it instead” courses for a while now and whilst I keep the number of attendees limited to small groups of eight, in the many courses I have facilitated, I have never had a male attendee.

Men and low self-esteem.

I could assume that it’s because men never suffer from low self-esteem, but I know that isn’t correct as I have coached men who have become aware and resolved self-esteem issues. I have also worked with many men in leadership roles who suffered t and have also coached many male leaders with self-esteem issues (you’d be surprised – or maybe not – at how high a level).

So why do I need to pick your brains?

The more thorough the research, the better quality the conclusion.

If you are a leader, some of you must also have noticed self-esteem issues amongst the men you work with.

I am honestly not being sexist here. In my experience, women seem more than happy to confront and deal with self-esteem issues.

Why do I ask?

Because low self-esteem can be deadly and can be resolved.

According to the Mental Heath Foundation 75% of suicides are men and in the UK alone suicide is the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49.


In many cases suicide is linked to feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.

I am passionate about self-esteem issues. I know where low self-esteem can take you. I also know that self-esteem and confidence building courses do not work until you stop behaviour that continually destroys them.

My question?

How do I attract men to my workshops? What language should I use?

Tell me.

If I disclose my history of low self-esteem will they empathise?

If I then disclose that I am now a lot stronger, will that make them fear me?

I am open to any feedback that would enable me to provide a service that could go some way towards changing those statistics, however slightly.

p.s. If you need to check me out, feel free to do so. Check out my profile. Or contact me directly.

Thank you for your time and honesty.


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