The gender of the most successful CEO?

child ceoDid you become a successful CEO because you are a man or because you are a woman?


Stupid question?


There’s an age-old argument about gender biases in leadership roles.


In my opinion there is a simple solution.


Specify the requirements of the role, assign a market value, and advertise to both men and women.


Perhaps that’s just too simple. Is it?


Do you know that women run only 4.2 percent of Fortune 500 companies?


Have you notice that the majority of articles about female CEO’s mention gender? Have you noticed that the majority of articles about male CEO’s don’t?


Have you ever noticed the number of articles about female leaders “having it all”, I have yet to see one about a man “having it all”.


I personally have never been gender biased. Ok, I accept men cannot carry a baby for nine months or give birth – yet, because I don’t doubt some day science will accomplish this! I wonder if the science will include menstruation or skip that part!


But seriously when I look at any vacancy, I know whether I can meet the requirements of that role or not. It has nothing to do with gender.


I wonder if we will ever change gender biases. If it was possible do you think women would want to alter their bodies to become male? Or vice versa?


I was going to ask if either sex could be mentally and emotionally altered to be like their opposite gender, do you think they would choose to? But I won’t because after working for over a decade in the personal identity field I actually believe that an individual’s mental and emotional makeup has nothing to do with gender.


So exactly what is the real gender issue when it comes to CEO’s and why is it still an issue and what if anything will end it?