What’s your excuse?

EXCUSESWhat’s your excuse for not changing, not performing at your best, or even worse not taking responsibility for your own life and your own happiness?

  1. I don’t have the time
  2. I don’t have the money
  3. I don’t have the knowledge
  4. I don’t have the right contacts
  5. I don’t have the right qualifications
  6. I have responsibilities
  7. I’m trapped in a bad relationship
  8. I know that my partner won’t let me
  9. I’m not fit enough
  10. I’m not attractive enough
  11. I don’t have the courage
  12. I’m too fat
  13. I’m too unhealthy
  14. I’m too tired
  15. I’m depressed
  16. I’m stressed
  17. I have too much to do
  18. I’m too scared
  19. I don’t like change
  20. I’d have to travel too far
  21. I’m afraid of what people may think
  22. I’m afraid of what people would do
  23. I’m scared about how my family will react
  24. I can’t
  25. I shouldn’t
  26. I couldn’t
  27. I don’t want to fail
  28. I fear success
  29. I don’t want to be alone
  30. I don’t have the confidence
  31. I’d rather be in a bad relationship than no relationship
  32. I’m trapped and I can’t escape
  33. I don’t have enough support
  34. I don’t have the right support
  35. I am not allowed to
  36. I don’t have faith
  37. I can’t stop it’s an addiction
  38. I don’t have the energy
  39. I will when … the kids leave home etc.
  40. I will when he/she/they do(es)

No doubt there are many more!

Notice the common denominator?


What is the ONE thing that we absolutely know we have the power to change?


You don’t need to make it a New Year’s resolution, make it a new way of life!


If you need help – get it.

If you would like my help – ask.

If you need to make sure that I am the right coach for you – interview me and find out!