High-flying women and dating?

A common issue amongst the high-flying women I work with is that they feel that by focussing on their career they have not had the time to devote to finding a partner or soulmate.


Now that they are ready to do so they struggle with the image they have presented to potential partners that they are married to their job. Even though they are admired and respected, they are deemed unapproachable and even threatening.

For some of you, your job is your soulmate and that is right for you, but if you would like to find a partner how do you break through this perception? This perception that you are so strong and work focussed that you don’t appear to need an intimate and loving relationship?

Time and Mobility:

Apart from the perception that you are unavailable another obstacle to developing a relationship is time.  Even if you are available for a relationship, if you can’t commit time to developing one how can it happen? Another aspect of some roles is that your work base spans across two countries, in some cases even more.  If you do create the time, in which location do you attempt to meet a potential soulmate?


Some of my clients have turned to professional online dating services but still face the same issues of time and location.

They also find it difficult to find a partner within the workplace because of their position within that organisation. They also have to find a way to alter the perception that has been formed about them. How?

So if you have a friend who is a high-flyer and would like to find a partner, help them out. You are a way of increasing their network and connecting them with potential partners. Remind them that they need to create time to develop relationships.

Are you are a high-flying woman and have found your soulmate whilst in the role?  How did you meet them?

If you don’t wish to answer in a comment, them message me or email me direct lynn@winatlife.co.uk.  I can relay it to all the high-flying women who would like to meet their soulmate.

Guys –  if you would like to comment, feel free.

Thank you.


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