Why wouldn’t you know who you are, what you want from life and how to get it?

Is it because you have lost your identity by basing it on other’s?

OR have you lost your identity by being:

  • “just a professional”
  • “just a mum”
  • “just a dad”
  • “just a carer”
  • “just a trailing spouse”
  • “just an employee”
  • “just a number”
  • “just an Expat”
  • “just a partner”
  • “just gay”
  • or any other label that you have picked up in your life time?

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OR is it because you haven’t developed your own identity as you developed from a child into an adult?

OR is it because you have denied who you really are as a result of low self-esteem?

OR do you satisfy so many roles in your life that you have lost sight of who you really are?

OR do you suffer from the fraud/impostor syndrome?

OR are you at a crossroads in your life or and don’t know which path is right for you?

Then the Personal Identity Coaching programme is for you.