womens book cover thumb Becoming a REAL woman

How to discover your authentic self and be it. The result? Increased self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem. Understanding who the real you is, what you want from life and how to get it by overcoming all of the fears and barriers in your way.







Gay thumb covergay is WHO I am? (available from amazon)

A step-by-step coaching guide for gay men to enable them to understand their core identity: who they are, what they want from life, and how to get it. Simple, straightforward, extremely supportive, with a touch of humour, and a priceless outcome if you want it.




book cover thumb


Know Who U R 4 Teens (kindle & paperback available from amazon)

Know Who U R 4 Teens is a workbook specifically for teenagers that guides you through a process of discovering:

– who the real you is

– what you want from life

– how to get it.

As a result you will understand yourself and your needs. You will be able to make more informed choices about your life now and in the future.

You will begin to take responsibility for your behaviour, understand the impact it has on others and also understand why and how other people’s behaviour affects you. And as a result have more confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness and a more rewarding life.

The workbook does not give you a pre-determined “fits all” solution. Instead it empowers you to find and successfully implement your own. If you hit any problems whilst doing this, the book will show you how to solve them.

That is why it works. 


iselfme cover


I Self Me – words of inspiration (available from Author)

Only to be purchased in the event of an inspirational emergency!

A little book of quotes to inspire and comfort those who want or need it. Also incuded are fantastic black and white photographs of  local “peaceful spaces” taken by the author, such as Tatton Park, Lyme Park, Fletcher Moss Park, Poynton Pool (Cheshire).