Why do glass ceilings still exist?

Why does the glass ceiling still exist? And why does it only ever seem to relate to women. Who built the glass ceiling in the first place. And why is the solution “How does a woman break through it?”? Surely the solution is to remove or alter the mindset that […]

Communication – What’s the point?

How do you know that your mission statement and company values are received at every level within your organisation, and interpreted correctly, never mind bought into? Answer: Just ask. Check it out. That everyone within your organisation gets the right message and they fully understand how they contribute to it. […]

Are you a fearless leader?

Do you really have absolutely no fear or are you just presenting a front to everyone in order to hide your low self-esteem. I must admit I have found fearless leader’s with a healthy self-esteem are rare. What makes a fearless leader? Lack of emotion? That’s dead not fearless! Someone […]