Your key to effective communication

Communication is vital to education, developing relationships, negotiation, performance management, customer service, supplier management, safety and much more, be it verbal or otherwise. Is everyone born with effective communication skills? No, they need to be developed. How do you know if the communication skills that you have developed are effective? […]

Support network: the key to building yours

The difficulty with building an effective support network? It is an easy choice to make in life: Need people … OR …Don’t need people If you don’t need anyone, then this article is not for you. I don’t mean people to carry you, or to dictate your life to you. […]

Your solution to overwhelm

It’s just too much! How often do you feel as though you just can’t cope with one more thing? How often do you feel weighed down with just too much? How often do you feel as though you are about to suffocate or explode? How often do you feel as […]

How to add 5+ hours to your week

How to add 5+ hours to your week. Let’s say you take 1 hour a day to read emails. (Really! Only one hour?) Be honest, how many do you actually read that are of real value? Do you find yourself reading something that you wouldn’t seek out to read just […]

Are you a fearless leader?

Do you really have absolutely no fear or are you just presenting a front to everyone in order to hide your low self-esteem. I must admit I have found fearless leader’s with a healthy self-esteem are rare. What makes a fearless leader? Lack of emotion? That’s dead not fearless! Someone […]

Great leaders celebrate #2s

“Behind every great leader lies an even greater enabler” Think of all of the great leaders in our society, politicians, and chief executives. How effective are they as leaders? But why are they great leaders? Is it to do with their knowledge? Probably. What about their skills? Possibly. How about […]