Effective communication solves problems

Effective communication is the best way to solve problems in any relationship, but communication today is difficult for many reasons: – Technology getting in the way of gaining someone’s attention. – Demands on your time from other’s and/or work. – Stress – Focussing on presenting your defence before you’ve heard […]

Is there an energy vampire in your life?

        Do you have people in your life who completely suck the life out of you? People who: never have anything positive to say about anything or anyone. constantly put themselves down, criticising their own looks, body, and intelligence. constantly seek validation from others but will never […]

Having a bad day? Make it better.

How to change your day from bad to better: Ask someone for a hug. Hug a soft toy. Cuddle a baby animal. Cuddle or stroke an animal. Take a bubble bath. Have a Jacuzzi. Take a hot tub. Sit in front of a real fire. Wrap yourself in a soft blanket. Watch […]

How Negative Are You?

Want to find out? As you open your eyes in the morning, listen to your very first thought. “Wow, today is going to be a good day!” Or “I don’t want to get up.” As you look in the mirror whilst doing your morning ablutions are you saying to yourself? […]

Do You Have A Work/Life Balance?

During my IT career, the companies I worked for used to run the occasional project to assess whether their employees were employing a healthy work/life balance. What is a healthy work/life balance? Is it 50/50? 80/20? Or 20/80? Can you stipulate the same for everyone? Exactly what do you define […]

What is the key success to time management? YOU!

You can employ as many time management tools and techniques, as you like: – the four box urgent/important model (Eisenhower method) – prioritisation techniques – goal setting – planning – diary management – pareto analysis – JFDI – the 3 D’s – time management software But if you don’t get […]