Your key to effective communication

Communication is vital to education, developing relationships, negotiation, performance management, customer service, supplier management, safety and much more, be it verbal or otherwise.

Is everyone born with effective communication skills?

No, they need to be developed.

How do you know if the communication skills that you have developed are effective?

Simple – you check how you are interpreted, how you are understood.

This way you can be sure that you are heard in the way you expected to be heard.

However, there are many barriers to communication. When working with an international client base, you would assume the most obvious one would be language. But there ones that are much more difficult to overcome and are not just related to the difference in location.

In the age where many organisations consist of an international workforce awareness of these barriers is vital. (Some of these aren’t just international issues).


I’m not talking about religion or culture here, I am talking about our own belief systems that have been developed from birth onwards. For example: What is your belief about money? Does money represent love to you, or the root of all evil? These belief systems will vary with upbringing, societal influences, self-esteem, age, gender, and sexuality. In fact I’d dare to say that each individual had a belief system that is unique to them, and it is vital that I never make assumptions.


Whatever my religious belief, as a coach it is important that I respect other religion based beliefs and the boundaries of those beliefs. I also need to respect people who don’t necessarily have a religion, or have other spiritual belief systems.


Many of my clients have been raised and live within cultures that I am not completely aware about. It is vital that I understand their own cultural systems and how that influences their behaviour, even if their cultural beliefs are nothing like my own.


The most common language issue I come across is not translation but the use of idioms. This is not necessarily just across countries but also different regions of the same country. For example in the UK if you describe someone as “bonny” it can either mean pretty or fat! And what do you think I mean by “sent to Coventry”?

There are times when I may challenge these belief systems, but there are others where I appreciate that it would not be useful to do so, and could actually be destructive.


Whatever the barrier, the best way to ensure that you are communicating effectively is to check out how your message has been received.


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