High-Flying Women and Dating Part 2 – Time

In the last article I talked about fear being the first hurdle facing high flying women who want to start dating. The second hurdle?

Time – or rather, lack of it.

Whatever type of relationship we need or want, however casual, intimate or intense, developing any relationship takes time – fact.

There are thousands of courses out there about time management. (I have developed one too).

There are two facts about time that will never change:

One that is mentioned by the majority of time management courses:

“There is only 24 hours in a day and there are only 7 days in a week” Fact.

The second fact that is rarely mentioned, is that your time relies only one single factor:-


Rocket science this is not, but you will be amazed how many time management courses fail because they omit this.

You are responsible for your time. Period.

Don’t get me wrong. As high flying women I am fully aware of the demands on your time.

Depending on your specific situation these demands may never change, I understand that.

However you can take responsibility for a number of things.

#1 Your energy

The better you manage your energy levels the better your performance.

#2 Your self-awareness

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses about your time management skills enables you to change.

#3 Your knowledge

Keep abreast of the most effective time management tools and methodologies and exploit them.

#4 Your availability

Do you know when you are going to be able to fit in time for your relationship? To talk, to meet. Do you need time to travel. This sounds clinical, but pre-plan, book regular appointments – date nights.

#5 Your ability to be present- vital!

When you are working are your thoughts focused on what you are doing now or the other things that you need to do?

If you do start a relationship are you going to be able to focus on the other person when you are with them or are you going to be thinking about work?

The Power:

Take back your power by taking responsibility for your time, for your changes, for your relationships.

All it takes is one thing.


It’s your choice to be a high flyer, it’s your choice to start dating, it’s your choice to put in the time and energy. It’s your choice to take responsibility.

It only takes one person to make those choices.



Guys. Let you into a secret! All of my high-flying male clients suffer from time issues. Or should I say “used to”!


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