Is there an energy vampire in your life?






Do you have people in your life who completely suck the life out of you?

People who:

  • never have anything positive to say about anything or anyone.
  • constantly put themselves down, criticising their own looks, body, and intelligence.
  • constantly seek validation from others but will never give it to themselves.
  • always see the glass half empty.
  • give up very easily, that’s if they even try in the first place.
  • procrastinate constantly.
  • are always late for everything, or cancel at the last minute, or even completely forget about any arrangement to meet.
  • apologise constantly when there is no need to.
  • when they apologise, they overdo it enormously.
  • manipulate people and events.
  • demand to be either the centre of attention or the opposite, sulking in a corner trying to attract attention.

These are the easy attributes to recognise, there are others that aren’t so obvious. Have you ever spent time with someone you may have just met and are left feeling low, negative and completely exhausted afterwards?Do you find you don’t understand “why” and are left with the conclusion: “It must be me.”?

You are not alone. The person you have been with is what is termed an “energy vampire”. I had never heard of the term, but since discovering they exist I have become far more aware and notice when people have that effect on me.

These people can come from all walks of life, cultures, any age, or gender. I don’t judge them. I am not negative towards them. I just make sure that I don’t develop a relationship with them.

It may seem harsh, but life is precious and so is my mental and spiritual well being. There many people who exude positive energy, are genuinely open, honest and uplifting. I choose to fill my life with that type of person. Since I have been doing that my life has been richer.

Luckily there are plenty of these to go around.

Get rid of your energy vampires – today!