Shopping for a soulmate?

happy16Shopping for a soul mate is like buying a home for life. Call me callous if you like but it’s true!

You want it to look nice, be comfortable, and meet your needs both short term and long term, so you need it to be able to grow with you.

When you buy a house (or rent one) don’t you come up with a list of your requirements?

Same with a soul mate!

So what do you want from your ideal soul mate?

Things like:


Appeal (pavement for a house, sex for a soul mate!)




Fit for purpose


Maintenance costs



Build quality

Running costs

Then you might add the more human characteristics:

Sense of humour

Healthy self-esteem











Then the nitty gritty:

Good etiquette

Table manners

Doesn’t snore, burp or fart

Doesn’t pick their nose

Doesn’t drink too much alcohol

Doesn’t do hard drugs

Doesn’t smoke

Puts the toilet seat down after use

Happy to do the cleaning/ironing

Good at DIY

Good cook

Loves washing up

Animal lover

You may be able to come up with a much longer list, but I’ve tried at least to cover the basics!

So once you have your list you need to weight it.

For example honesty for me is so important so I’ll weight it +10.

Doesn’t snore is very important so I could score that as a -8 but if I buy ear plugs I can reduce that to a -1. Get it?

Then once you have your list, go shopping. But please go shopping in the right places. If you want a nice property, you don’t go looking in rough neighbourhoods, same with shopping for your soul mate.

As with a house, take your time, this is an important investment. Hopefully you will only have to go through this process once, although mistakes are common, so you may do it twice.

One major obstacle when looking for a home is that you may be completely diverted away from your requirements if your heart distracts you – if you fall in love.

Warning: Do not make your investment whilst you are in this state, you’ll only regret it. You may be temporarily romanced, but trust me after the honeymoon period, you’ll look back at your shopping list and regret ignoring it.

Happy shopping.