How to walk away from someone you just can’t work for.

‘To walk away’ is a choice you can make.

In some organisations people are promoted into a leadership role because that is the only next step up available to them even though they are not leadership material.

The consequences can be disastrous.

In an article I read earlier this week. A new leader approached one of her subordinates and told her in no uncertain terms that she made her nervous. Because of this the subordinate felt that she could not work for the new manager and sought advice. She was advised to look for a new job and walk away.

Walking away from someone you feel that you just cannot work for (or any relationship for that matter) is great advice especially if it causes distress, frustration, and de-motivation.

But I would have also suggested that before walking away why not reflect the new leader’s approach to managing you back to them? They may learn something from your feedback and then have the opportunity to change.

Confronting the issue would stop enabling her to continue this approach with others.

I appreciate that this takes courage and it’s also worth getting the right support to ensure that you approach it in a healthy and productive way. You could just walk away and as a consequence organisations will end up with poor managers. Your next manager just might be the same (which may not become evident in the interview process for your next role) but you will know that you can are able to tackle such an issue which may mean that you don’t have to move onto yet another job.

By tackling the issue you increase your confidence by knowing you are capable of dealing with this type of issue should it ever happen again.

You could decide, “It’s not my job”.

You’re right, but if you were a poor manager and people left the company because of your management style, wouldn’t you like to be made aware of it giving you the option to change?

If we all walked away from ineffective people, processes, and things how would they ever change for the better?


If you need help to walk away in a way that is right for you than just call me.