Do You Have A Work/Life Balance?

shutterstock_254807728During my IT career, the companies I worked for used to run the occasional project to assess whether their employees were employing a healthy work/life balance.

What is a healthy work/life balance? Is it 50/50? 80/20? Or 20/80?

Can you stipulate the same for everyone?

Exactly what do you define as “work” and “life” anyway?

Is “work” defined by earning an income? Or utilising physical energy? What about house wives/house husbands? What about carers? What about careers utilising mental energy?

To me, it comes down to the same issue that it always should come down to: self-awareness.

You may be someone who loves to work, gets all their need met by their work, are completely happy and comfortable and energised (I don’t mean driven!) by their work. You may not have the responsibilities of a family unit or an extended family. If you are happy and healthy, why can’t your balance be 95/5? No reason it can’t.

If you love being with people you love, naturally caring for others, family oriented and work only to put food on the table, your balance maybe 5/95. If that makes you happy and content, then that’s the balance for you.

I don’t believe that there is a single specific level of life/work balance that enables optimal productivity or wellbeing, or happiness.

I believe that self-knowledge is the key; knowing what works for you. Understanding what triggers you to be as productive as you are able, what things you need to do, have and be in your life to achieve well being, and what makes you happy and content.

The great thing about that is that self-knowledge is completely within your control, no-one else’s.